Handcrafted spice blends bold on flavor and health

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No MSG Non GMO No Preservatives Certified Kosher Halal Vegan

A Founder's Vision

My family history spans across 3 continents, so I grew up enjoying the awesome flavors of so many spices and dishes. Along with that, I've been cooking for over 30 years. It was my vision to create Flora & Mana to bring the best sourced spices and blends to you for enjoyment with those you love without compromising on quality.
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Small-Batched for Freshness

Flora & Mana sources from premium spice farms and small growers across the globe. We test our shipments for harmful inorganics, before preparing our signature blends here in America. We buy in small batches so spices don't sit for months before prepared and shipped to you fresh.
I’m so excited to use the spices!

-- Jessika A.

I’ve been so excited to cook with these spices!

-- Linda K.

So happy to add Flora & Mana to my kitchen.

-- Brittany D.

The wife cooked some bomb salmon last night using Flora & Mana seasoning!!

-- Hilario C.

My Mom and I are enjoying your spices immensely!!!! You have a lifetime customer!

-- Rita M.

By the way I’m loving the seasoning...Delicious!

-- Jaliyah M.