I recognize the value and power of spices, and how they enrich our meals and lives. With my family history spanning three continents—South Asia, the South Pacific, and North America—I've been fortunate enough to spend over 30 years learning the art of spicing up dishes and falling in love with bold flavors. I've honed my culinary skills and mastered the art of infusing dishes with the beauty of spices.
I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ingredients and spices to elevate my recipes, and I love sharing my passion with others. The brand name, Flora and Mana, truly reflects our essence. "Flora" represents the plant life  from which we get our spices and herbs, and "Mana" is a tribute to the spiritual force in South Pacific cultures that symbolizes the energy and vitality  spices bring to our dishes.
Together with my husband, a tech professional with a background in food mobility and digital health, we manage Flora and Mana, a brand that's all about the flavor and the health benefits of spices.